Der Eisiger Fluss


Es hat hier kalt gewesen. Meistens nachts, aber die Tage haben auch kalt gewesen. Monument Creek ist eisig und gefroren streckenweise. Meine Tochter und ich sind zur Fluss gegangen, und ich habe ein Paar Bilder fotografieren.

It has been cold here. Mostly at night but the days have also been cold. Monument Creek is icy and frozen in places. My daughter and I went down to the river, and I took a few pictures.

Flussaufwärts eine kurze Strecke gab es weniger Schatten. Dort haben das Eis und die Sonne mit die Sinne gespielt. Das Eis schaut ein bisschen wie Öl.

Upstream a short way there was less shade. There the ice and snow played with the senses. The ice looks like oil.


4 thoughts on “Der Eisiger Fluss

  1. girlgonelondon

    This is fascinating! There’s something really mesmerizing about frozen rivers/lakes to me. Almost as if they’re really powerful even in their frozen stillness, if that makes sense? Love your nature photographs.

    1. matt Post author

      I agree with you… Especially with frozen rivers since the motion makes it harder to freeze. I’m sure there in the tropical UK, you are unfamiliar with cold? 😁

  2. Carol Reamy

    I love these photos. You can almost smell the cold when looking at them.

    1. matt Post author

      Thanks. It’s a little misleading perhaps, because away from the river bed, it wasn’t as cold.


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