An Acquaintance, Dead

I’m grieving a little bit tonight, though I don’t know why exactly.

A recruiter called this afternoon and mentioned that he knew some of the people I’ve worked with previously. And during that conversation, mentioned one of them was dead; had been murdered by his wife. He couldn’t remember his name, but gave me a description, and I knew who he was talking about. Evan Fleck. It’s weird, because I have been thinking about Evan recently: I’ve been using the C++ book he gave me to refresh on my C++ skills.

I say I don’t know why, I’m grieving; we weren’t close, really. I haven’t seen him in years; we weren’t in regular contact. We went our separate ways after working together. Evan was the guy who got me my first “official” coding job, starting me on this career; he gave me my shot. Despite our not keeping in touch, I’ve always been grateful to him for giving me a chance to hone my skills and learn new ones.

I had a busy day, and I wasn’t able to look into it until this evening. It’s hit me hard, reading through the articles and watching the videos of the news broadcasts. This didn’t happen recently; it happened about three years ago. It’s hard to even know what to say, to think. I knew both of these people, I met their kids.

I’m not even sure how to end this; there’s no tidy wrap up. I know this was only a bit of a catharsis.

Thanks for reading.


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