Dumbass Sues McDonalds

Chris Howe is clearly a dumbass.

Chris Howe and his apparently similarly dimwitted attorney are suing McDonalds because they claim the cheese in the Mozzarella Cheese sticks isn’t real cheese. Let’s set aside the obvious indicator that Howe is clearly a moron because he actually eats at McDonalds. Let’s set aside the fact that in America, there is apparently no standard for court cases: no matter how inane, or frivolous, or staggeringly ridiculous a lawsuit is, our stupid court system takes it seriously. How shameful.

I’m not a fan of McDonalds (clearly). I haven’t eaten at a McDonalds in over 5 years because I refuse to pay a business to make me sick. And no, I’m not anti-junk food. But I still prefer my junk food to be, you know, food. Which brings me to my number one observation that this Chris Howe is a dumbass:

Nothing at McDonalds is “real”. It’s all terrible for you. This is the company that uses 19 ingredients in its French fries. Nineteen! As a contrast, there are 4 ingredients in my fried potatoes? Potatoes (1) fried in olive oil (2), seasoned with pepper (3) and Old Bay (4). Even if you count each ingredient in the Old Bay (Celery Salt, Spices including red and black pepper, and Paprika), that’s still far fewer ingredients than are in the chemistry experiment McDonalds calls fries.

This lawsuit should be dismissed with prejudice. Chris Howe should be reprimanded by the court for wasting its time, and his attorney should be sanctioned for the same. (All frivolous lawsuits in our country should be given the same treatment; how much cheaper would everything be if there wasn’t product liability insurance tacked on to the price tags of everything).

And finally, if for no other reason, Howe is a dumbass for believing marketing material.

Now, everyone point and laugh at the idiot.


4 thoughts on “Dumbass Sues McDonalds

  1. girlgonelondon

    What I don’t understand is how people like this actually have the time in their day or their life to even think of bringing a lawsuit about cheese. Are they just bored? Or just that stupid?

    1. matt Post author

      Maybe a little of both? I have a tendency to immediately think “stupid”… I hadn’t considered they might just be bored.

  2. wolke205

    Was für ein Depp. Wirklich eine Zeitverschwendung und ich kann mich Dir nur anschließen. Wir essen nur mal einen Burger bei MCDonalds, wenn wir auf der Autobahn für Stunden unterwegs und wir kurz vor dem Verhungern sind. Aber dass ALLES was sie anbieten uns auf Dauer krank macht, sollte wohl jedem klar sein. Nicht umsonst hat Jamie Oliver den Konzern verklagt. Mal ehrlich, man kann Burger und Co. von denen wochenlang liegen lassen. Kein Schimmel. Sieht immer noch aus wie neu. Muss man sich doch nur mal fragen warum… Na dann guten Appetit. Würg.

    1. matt Post author

      Im Falle fahren für viele Stunden, kann ich an Fast-Food-Kette zu essen verstehen. Wir mögen Chick-Fil-A oder Culvers. Ich denke, du korrekt bist: Krank oder Tot der wahrscheinlichen Befund ist. Ich denke auch, Gesundheitsbewusstsein keine freiwillig ist. Niemand anders kann für man es tun.

      (Sogar meine Tochter hat gesagt, wann sie hat das Thema des Blogs entdeckt, “Duh! Es war McDonalds!” )


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