Der Amur-Tiger (Teil 2)


Wendi und ich haben den Amur-Tiger beobachtet, als er entlang seine Gehäuse geschritten ist. Er hat so prächtig und würdevoll gerückt. Ich habe vor gesagt, zu sehen den Tiger am Cheyenne-Berg-Tierpark ein seltenes Ereignis ist. Zu sehen ihm rückt, ist selten in der Tat.

So wunderschön, so tötlich. Absolut ehrfurchtgebietend.

Wendi and I watched the Amur Tiger as he paced along his enclosure. He moved so gracefully and magnificently. I said before, to see the tiger at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a rare event. To see him move around is rare indeed.

So beautiful, so deadly. Absolutely awesome.


2 thoughts on “Der Amur-Tiger (Teil 2)

  1. Carol Reamy

    These are especially beautiful with the snow in the background. You did an amazing job of capturing photos without the enclosure in the background making the photos all the more awe-inspiring. Love them.

    1. matt Post author

      Thanks. I hadn’t really noticed this set lacks signs of the enclosure. I was too busy being stoked that I got pictures of the tiger at all! 🙂


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