Ich hat irgendwo gelesen, dass der Berglöwe das große Katze ist, dass meisten wie Hauskatzen ist. Ich weiß nicht, wenn das Wahr oder nicht ist, aber der Berglöwe am dem Cheyenne-Berg-Tierpark hat mich an Rose gemahnt. Wann ist Rose irritiert, legt sie Ohren hinten (Wir nennen dies Euleohren). Wir warteten eine kurze Zeit, die Berglöwen beobachten. Ein paar Male, hat der Berglöwe Ohren hinten gelegt, so wie so Rose.

Ich denke, Fütterungszeit nahe war. Zwei Berglöwe warteten zusammen. Etwas hat die Aufmerksamkeit der Berglöwen erregt, und zusammen als eins, haben sie ihre Köpfe herumgeworfen. So schnell ihre Reflexe! Es ist leicht zu sehen, warum die Redewendung ‘Katzenartige Reflexe’ ist.

Berglöwen sind auch relativ häufig hier in Colorado Springs. Naja, nicht genau in Colorado Springs, aber herum Colorado Springs. Die Stadt liegt sehr nahe Bergwildnis. Ich habe mich oft gefragt, wenn diese Tiere im Tierpark aus zu Wildtiere außerhalb rufen.

I read somewhere that the mountain lion is the big cat most like house cats. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but the mountain lion at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo reminded me of Rose. When Rose is annoyed, she lays her ears back (We call this owl ears). We waited a short time watching the mountain lions. A couple of times, the mountain lion laid his ears back, just like Rose.

I think feeding time was near. Two mountain lions waited together. Something caught their attention, and together as one they turned their heads. So fast, their reflexes. It’s easy to see why the phrase is ‘cat-like reflexes’.

Mountain lions are relatively common here in Colorado Springs. Well, not exactly in Colorado Springs, but around Colorado Springs. The city is very close to the mountain wilderness. I have often wondered, if these animals in the zoo call out to animals outside.

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5 thoughts on “Berglöwen

  1. Jessica

    Your post reminded me of a video I stumbled upon the other day, and at first I thought this mountain lion was at your house! Glad it was at the zoo instead!!

    1. matt Post author

      That’s a great video. There have been mountain lions in town, but it’s rare. The more that people move into the wild, the more this sort of thing happens.

      1. Jessica

        There were mountain lion sightings in the neighborhood I grew up in, but they were rare. Seeing one at my sliding glass door would scare me, though! I’d certainly hope I didn’t have any outdoor pets!

        1. matt Post author

          Outdoor pets have been eaten by mountain lions. I think, though, that’s pretty rare. Seeing one on my doorstep would scare me, too.

          I think they’re fascinating.


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