The Newest “Family Member”


As my wife wrote recently (here and here), she’s started a new jewelry business on Etsy: Door 44 Jewelry.

Meet the newest resident at the House of Reamy. My wife’s dubbed her dress form mannequin Ella, for some reason; and because my wife’s studio sits next to my side of the bed, so sits Ella next to my nightstand. There’s my lamp, the camera battery recharger, my clock, the book I’m currently (re-)reading… and Ella. I know she doesn’t have a head, but I can’t help but think if she did, it would be glaring down at me while I’m sleeping.

Of course, Wendi insists she’s harmless, just a harmless mannequin. But that’s the typical scene in any horror movie: the protagonists are always told that the evil they’re confronting is all in their heads. And like in those movies, Wendi would be wrong, and I imagine waking up one night, seeing Ella looking down at me, and wondering how it could have moved when it doesn’t have legs, and insisting it was impossible as Ella reached down and strangled me.

I haven’t slept well in a week… and now that I’ve written this, it’ll know I’m on to her. I think I may have to chain it to the wall…


5 thoughts on “The Newest “Family Member”

  1. girlgonelondon

    I feel like this post has really done you in. Ella thought you were perfectly nice until she read this post on the computer while everyone was out and now she’s upset and seeking revenge…you may just have to move out!

  2. Wendi Reamy

    Reblogged this on Beyond Door 44 and commented:

    I suspect my husband is looking forward to moving into a house big enough for me to have a dedicated jewelry studio. If for no other reason than he’ll be able to sleep without ‘Ella’ standing over him…


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