Help Me Out Here

Okay, I’m really not sure what to do with all the conflicting messages in society nowadays. Apparently, yesterday’s international stupid thing of the day was international woman’s day. I get that in our current state of over-liberalized society, every day has to be special for something or else it’ll feel bad because it’s not celebrate like a Christmas or Thanksgiving; but I really don’t understand the point of something like international women’s day.

I’ll get back to that in a minute because I want to bring up something else that’s similarly baffling. We are constantly told by all the Social Justice Warriors out there that sexism is wrong, and those who engage in sexism should be castrated and burned at the stake. They also tell us that those of us who don’t engage in sexism are actually engaging in passive sexism and should also be castrated and burned at the stake. Now, I realize there are a bunch of liberal-media definitions of sexism that suit whatever need some whiny crybaby currently needs at the moment; but I would typically define sexism as “acting a certain way based on a person’s gender“. (Oxford Dictionary essentially agrees with me.)

So… isn’t having a day set aside to celebrate your being a woman by definition sexist?

Okay, so I’m not a liberal and am therefore capable of thinking, so I recognize that logic doesn’t have any friends in our current society. Since I do think, I’m the enemy of the State (I am, by the way, entirely comfortable in that role so long as the ability to think puts me at odds with the unthinking, willfully ignorant majority). “Reason is the most naive of superstitions” says Dr. Pritchett in Atlas Shrugged, and this is the popular belief in our society today. (Incidentally, leftist weenie whiners love to hate the book, but they’re sure using it as a How-To-Guide-To-Gutting-The-Country.)

There’s nothing wrong with being a woman nor with celebrating accomplishments made by women. But make up your minds. You can’t have it both ways, regardless of how much that truth hurts your feeling (yes, singular on purpose, because you only have the one Insta-Offended Feeling ™).

Quit trying to force your insanity on the rest of us though; it’s giving me a headache.


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