Nearly Halfway There

So there I was on the treadmill when I had the thought: I’m almost 50% of the way to my weight-loss goal. I stared this effort (HA!) with 90 pounds to lose and I’m threatening the 40-pounds gone mark. There have been some weird events and perspectives. For instance: A few years ago when my wife and I first started dating, I had a pair of khaki slacks I wore to work. I hadn’t been able to fit into those in a while, but have been wearing them to work recently. It’s weird to think this is the weight I was when we first started dating.

Even a couple of years before that, I had bought a couple of suits to wear to job interviews. The brown one I never liked much, so I never bothered to get it tailored to fit my fat. The gray one, though, did get tailored. I tried on the brown suit trousers and they fit (though I still hate how they break so they’re going to have to go to the tailor’s regardless). The trousers for that gray suit, which I never wore after having had it tailored, won’t stay up around my waist. From that, I’m back down to the weight I was in early 2012. At least to the size I was then.

Forty pounds. 18.1 kg. 2.86 stone. It’s a weird perspective when you pick up 40 pounds and haul that around the store or something and realize you’d been carrying all that weight with you all the time!

It’s too early to kick back now. Almost halfway isn’t halfway isn’t done. I’m sure the hard part will really start to show soon, and the resistance will crank it up a notch or three. Bring it. You see, I never set out with any specific time line in mind; I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, so I didn’t want to make it harder by setting some arbitrary date. There’s no high-school reunion to go to (and I wouldn’t go anyway, if there was), there’s no Family Reunion that I’m trying to show off for.

I’m just working to become healthier all around.


4 thoughts on “Nearly Halfway There

    1. matt Post author

      Danke! Es ist eine Überraschung, weil ich habe nicht viel das große Ganze geschaut. Babyschritten, ich würd mich gesagt. Und Babyschritten waren meine Schwerpunkt. Obwohl bin ich glücklich mit die Ergebnis bisher, muss ich weiter zu gehen. Wann ich zu Deutschland bewege, will ich nicht als Amerikan ab nur meine Taille erkannt sein! 🙂

      1. wolke205

        Och, was die Figur angeht haben sich die meisten Deutschen den Amerikanern schon angepasst 😉 😦 Kleine Schritte sind doch gut. Lieber langsam und richtig, als zu schnell und ungesund 🙂

        1. matt Post author

          Dann wird ich mit die Ureinwohner sehr gut harmonieren! 🙂 (Bis spreche ich zumindest)!


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