You’re a Politician… and You Expect Me to Believe You?

It’s no secret that I’m a conservative individual. I don’t buy into the Religions of American Liberalism. I believe in Absolutes.

One Major Tenet of the Modern Liberal Religion is that of Global Warming, or as they’re calling it now, Climate Change. Obama said in one of his State of the Union speeches that the debate on climate change is settled, that climate change is a fact. climate change is a fact. Those are pretty close words to an Absolute, spoken by a Priest of Liberalism who should know better than to deal with such nasty concepts as facts. Similarly useless presidential hopeful Clinton has uttered similar statements closely resembling Absolutes. I-Want-To-Be-Relevant-Again Priest of the Liberal Religion Bill Nye has made himself a eunuch of Global Warming Climate Change as well.

So why, if the biased paid-for scientists all agree that Global Climate Warming Change is a fact and not an eco-mental-social-fascist movement designed to control humans through an invisible fear, do I not subscribe to the theory? How can I, in the face of all the evidence presented by these Climate Change Fundamentalist Religious Fanatics, still doubt and outright disbelieve it?

There are several amusing reasons: Like how the weather forecast can’t get a week’s worth of weather right. Or the knowledge of how climate models are weighted with bias to get a certain result, just like any other model: they’re GIGO models. Garbage In Garbage Out. I could point out that Hillary Clinton has made a habit of defending herself when she’s embroiled in her Scandal Of The Week with the words “I can’t recall” or “I don’t recall”; so why, exactly, should I believe you about something like this? Hmm?

Let’s ignore the fact that historically, a warmer planet is better for humans than a colder one. Warmer planets have longer growing seasons, which means there’s more food for everyone. Never mind the idea that the concept of Settled Science is a bad idea to introduce. To have the concept of Settled Science means we’ve given up trying to learn anything in that area of science.

You are effectively dead when you stop learning. The rest is just biology.
–My personal belief

The biggest reason I simply will not accept “the science is settled” is that ‘scientists’ are still discovering species on our planet. If they can still be finding new species they’ve never seen before, they’re almost certainly wrong about climate change.

There is no such thing as settled science.


2 thoughts on “You’re a Politician… and You Expect Me to Believe You?

  1. Dennis Wagoner

    One of the scariest parts of the Global Warming Scam is that the Religion of American Liberalism is now pushing for its own Inquisition squad via the RICO laws to eliminate the non-believers.

    1. matt Post author

      I saw that too. It should be ridiculed and criticized, but the Religious Left is nodding and saying “Good idea.”


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