Coming back from Kansas, I could see the storm about 40 miles or so ahead of us. As the freeway jogged north a bit, I realized we’d still get caught in some of the storm, though it would be on Highway 24 instead of I-70. The virga were nearly touching the ground and the lightning was awesome to see.

South of Limon, where we turned onto Highway 24 toward Colorado Springs, we drove into the storm. Huge raindrops and tiny hail pelted the car… thankfully it wasn’t huge hail and tiny raindrops! Once the precipitation calmed down to a drizzle and the daylight became moody, I stopped for photos:


Unterwegs zurück von Kansas, konnte ich den Sturm um 40 Meilen voraus sehen. Als die Autobahn drehte ein bisschen zu Nord, kennte ich, dass wir in dem Sturm sein werden, obwohl würde es auf Autobahn 24 und nicht Autobahn 70. Die virga streckten zu Erde, und der Blitz war fantastisch zu sehen.

Süd Limon, wo wir Autobahn 24 zu Colorado Springs nahmen, fuhren wir in dem Sturm. Massive Regentropfen und kleiner Hagel stürmten das Auto… Glücklich war es nicht Massivem Hagel und kleine Regentropfen! Wann der Niederschlag sich beruhigte, stoppte ich für Bilder:


14 thoughts on “Storm

    1. matt Post author

      Thanks, James. Coming from you — a master of storm capturing — that is high praise indeed!

  1. Carol Reamy

    Great photos, Matt. Have you put these in black and white as well? Just curious. The virga is incredible. Love them all.

    1. matt Post author

      Thanks. I did do a couple of them in black and white, yes. I almost told the story of the larva… to which Anastasia rolls her eyes whenever I bring it up.

  2. Melinda Green Harvey

    I agree with James – it’s hard to beat a good storm! These are very nice images.

    And that’s why I love being on the Plains – those long horizons give me plenty of storm-watching opportunities.

    1. matt Post author

      True enough. Though I really like having the mountains around. I can certainly appreciate the “plains view” point.

      1. Melinda Green Harvey

        My friend Laurie used to live in Fairplay, and we had an ongoing discussion about how I felt claustrophobic in the mountains and she felt uneasy on the Plains. Eventually, of course, we had to agree to disagree. (Now she lives in Texas, for whatever that’s worth!)

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