Coal Train – BNSF 9012


BNSF 9012 and BSNF 8558, a pair of EMD SD70ACe locomotives, leads a train of empty coal hoppers north. The spot I recently started shooting from gives me some great photos. I want to catch one coming around the bend here going south, but these will work for now. As summer approaches, the plants will fill in and probably present some additional challenges.

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2 thoughts on “Coal Train – BNSF 9012

  1. girlgonelondon

    Loving your train series! Nice colors against the plain background. Looks like the kind my brother and I used to play with as kids as opposed to the boring-looking passenger ones!

    1. matt Post author

      Hey, thanks! For now, the bright orange BNSF locomotives are about the most colorful thing here in Colorful Colorado; but the leaves are starting to bud (finally) and soon spring will arrive in earnest. I’m glad someone else likes the trains too; they usually draw the fewest page hits, so I just assumed they weren’t so well liked (with a few exceptions, of course). Here in Colorado Springs, we don’t get any passenger traffic. We get a lot of unit coal trains, as you’ve seen. There are a few mixed freight trains through here, unit oil trains, a few Autoracks, and the occasional wind turbine or military loads. So there’s a small variety… because like you, I think passenger trains are a little boring.

      Thanks for the comment!


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