Coal Train – BNSF 8457


This single engine on the front of a unit coal train here on the Colorado Joint Line is a little unusual. While there’s no actual ‘formula’ for consists on unit coal trains, the typical set up is two engines in the front, 100-120 hoppers, and two engines bringing up the rear.

When this single leading locomotive first appeared, it looked a little weird. But this trio of EMD SD70ACes seemed like a good capture… after about an hour of waiting.

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2 thoughts on “Coal Train – BNSF 8457

  1. thetrackwalk

    Superb sir!
    I have a feeling that I have seen this loco in a game called Microsoft Train Simulator Version 1
    EMDs are always eye catching for any diesel railfan ! 🙂

    1. matt Post author

      Thank you!
      I have several photos here of both EMD and GE engines. I’m slowly migrating them to my gallery where I recently started contributing: Their image requirements are lower than I usually make my images, so there’s a lot of going back and resizing to do.
      I never played MSTS, so I can’t speak to whether this one was in there or not.

      I appreciate your feedback.


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