Trees in Black and White


I don’t know what it is about trees. In the fall, pictures of trees should definitely be in color. But every other time of year, I think they look better in black and white.


3 thoughts on “Trees in Black and White

  1. wolke205

    Deine Fotos sind sehr schön 🙂 Im Frühjahr und Herbst mag ich sie auch lieber in Farbe, aber es gibt immer Ausnahmen die zu jeder Jahreszeit in schwarz/weiß genial aussehen 🙂

  2. SnapperTrx

    I agree, there is something about a black and white shot of trees that is indescribable. The stark contrast gives a lonely, solitary feel and is a complete opposite of the warm, inviting feeling of color shots. The greenery, the life, the warmth. Maybe the BW shots appeal to a persons desire for occasional solitude and introspection.


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