Coal Train (in the Rain) – BNSF 8444


I mentioned recently that photos of trains from this angle weren’t exactly what I had hoped for. But I think the rain gives these pictures something BNSF 4242 didn’t really have. The headlights of the lead EMD SD70ACe (BSNF 8444) reflect of the airborne moisture and flare out in a way you can’t catch in the dry. I also love how the light reflects off the rails. I feel these have some really good atmospheric qualities.

As the lead consist prepare to pass the signal, you can see the lead engine’s partnered with BNSF 5921, a GE ES44AC.

Then comes the money:

And a pair of EMD SD70ACes, BNSF 8482 and BNSF 9395 bring up the rear of the train.


One thought on “Coal Train (in the Rain) – BNSF 8444

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