Objects in the Sky


I’ve talked before about how sometimes it’s a long time between trains. I think there’s something about holding a camera that makes you want to take photos (which could very well explain how our society is devolving into a puddle of narcissistic selfies… but I think I’ve digressed). While standing by the rails, in between bouts of willing the train signal to come on, I look around and find other things to photograph.

I tried to photo merge these two photos to make it look like the plane was flying to/into the moon. But the sky was different colors and it didn’t look right.


One thought on “Objects in the Sky

  1. SnapperTrx

    Yeah. For good or for ill, cameras are everywhere. Sometimes people capture cool, interesting or funny things, but the dreaded selfie just destroys all justification for the constant camera presence. Of course, I might not say that if it was my favorite actress or model showing off – just sayin…..


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