Thunderbirds – Graduation Flyover (II)


Continuing with the photos I took of the Air Force’s Thunderbirds during their Graduation Flyover this year. As I mentioned yesterday, Pikes Peak makes a great backdrop for the Thunderbirds.


8 thoughts on “Thunderbirds – Graduation Flyover (II)

  1. SnapperTrx

    Still amazing shots! Man, I thought I had a nice little camera, but the clarity of these images puts mine to shame! Great job!

    1. matt Post author


      I think I’ve mentioned this before, so forgive the ‘scratched record’ nature of this response, but I’m using just a Canon Rebel T2i DSLR with a kit lens 75-300mm. (I’d like to replace this eventually with one with Image Stabilization, but it works for now).

      What do you use?

      1. SnapperTrx

        Ha ha, mine is a Walmart Fujifilm I picked up on clearance for 100$. It gets killer range when you zoom in, and good pictures in good lighting, but really drops the ball when the lights go dim. It’s a good substitute for my phone camera, but not by much. ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. matt Post author

          Ah! I was using an old Nikon point and shoot for years; but I just couldn’t get the pictures I wanted with it, so I took the plunge and got my Canon DSLR. I forced myself to shoot in manual mode to force myself to learn it, and I still shoot that way… In fact, I almost don’t know what the other modes are for.

          A couple of years ago (when I started getting serious about shooting, I guess), I started shooting in the RAW mode, where the capture is the raw data off the sensor, and I haven’t really gone back. I’m glad you like the pics, though!

          1. SnapperTrx

            Ha ha, right on! I was looking over the manual mode on my camera the other day when my son was graduating high school and thought to myself that I SHOULD learn what they do. I don’t use my camera often, but the same settings are present in the virtual cameras of my 3D software. You can see some of my 3D works on my blog page. I learned a little of the basics (shutter speed, ISO, etc) but would probably benefit from getting a little deeper. Unfortunately I have modelling block right now and cant think of a good scene to set up that doesn’t involve hot, shapely girls in bathing suits!

          2. matt Post author

            I have seen your renders (Is that an original design?). I like it.

            I have learned, despite my best efforts, that I cannot draw well.. and I really cannot draw in 3D. I have some ideas I’d like to work through, but suck at the artwork.

            You say “cant think of a good scene to set up that doesnโ€™t involve hot, shapely girls in bathing suits!” as if it’s a bad thing to set up that scene.

            If you’re just practicing with the camera (I’m sure the skillset would transfer relatively linearly), you don’t have to share the results. ๐Ÿ™‚

          3. SnapperTrx

            The two models I have used and posted are pre-made with my own modifications. Sonja is just a variant of the DAZ3D Genesis 2 figure and the hair, etc. all come from other vendors. The Snapper character is also another pre-made one that I tweaked to get all the spikes on. I made the weapons, though. I had made characters in the past, but it is very time consuming and I don’t really do it the ‘right’ way. I can do robotic characters, but don’t have the patience for organic characters when there are so many pre-made solutions out there. Despite that, I really enjoyed working on Sonja and think I got her look down just right.

            And, no, its not a bad thing, but I’m trying not to be a strictly T&A guy (or 3DX, as they say in the 3D world).

          4. matt Post author

            I’m familiar with DAZ3D. In one of my earlier attempts (knowing I suck at 3D modeling), I was using a collection of assets from their store. I made a small animation where the character took a couple of steps forward and then turned right and took a couple more steps.

            The animation worked great… except the hair and clothes did NOT go with the model, so she walked out of her hair and clothes… it was disturbing.

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