The night of the summer soltice there was no full moon for us. Well, I think the moon was full; but we couldn’t see ti. Why not? The picture gives it away.

We had thunder and lightning. We also had rain and hail. I set up the tripod on the balcony and took long exposures.

Only one was good. I made a few edits. Which do you like best?


Die Nacht der Sommersonnenwende war es kein Vollmond für uns. Also, denke ich, der Mond voll war, aber wir könnten nicht es sehen. Warum nicht? Das Bild zeigt warum aus.

Wir hatten den Donner und den Blitz. Wir hatten auch viele Regen und Hagel. Ich habe das Stativ auf dem Balkon arrangiert, und habe Langzeitbelichtungen gemacht.

Nur ein war gut. Ich habe ein Paar Bearbeitungen gemacht. Welches mögen Sie am besten?


6 thoughts on “Lightning!

  1. SnapperTrx

    Awesome! The lightning storms we had when I was living in Oklahoma were unlike anything I have ever seen in my life. We don’t get many of those here in SoCal, but this last year did give us a couple of really great shows. Excellent shots!

    1. matt Post author

      Thanks. Most of the action was to the north and east of us, so I know there were some missed opportunities. I don’t even know if my method really is the best for getting shots; but it seems to work. It’s hard to plan or practice when you’re waiting on an event in nature.


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