Shots of Random Things (II)


More random photographs I took while waiting for trains to pass. This tumbleweed on the railroad tracks caught my eye.

Speaking of railroad tracks… this spot has a pretty narrow window to capture rail traffic, so my usual rig with the 75-300mm lens is a little too long here. I’ll have to try again soon with a shorter lens.

We were sitting on a sandstone rock cliff overlooking the railroad tracks, and this rock on the ground caught my eye. It looks a little like an egg.


4 thoughts on “Shots of Random Things (II)

  1. SnapperTrx

    Wow, those tracks look unimaginably clean! That’s weird to me! Also, they look kind of warped in a couple of shots, like they are bowing inward. Maybe its a trick of the eye. Good shots!

    1. matt Post author

      I don’t have much to offer in the way of explanation for why the rails look clean. BNSF was re-ballasting their part of the Joint Line last year; but this is UP’s section through here. While that doesn’t mean BNSF didn’t do it… I really don’t have any idea why it looks so clean. (Although, the concrete ties do look cleaner typically than the wooden ones… perhaps that’s something too).

      I only noticed the bowing/warping when I scrolled; sort of like the rubbery pencil illusion. Of course, mistakes are inevitable in anything man’s involved with, so it’s possible that there is some bowing.

      I guess it got hot enough recently to warp the tracks of the Durango narrow gauge. :/


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