The Great Salt Lake


Friday morning, we woke up and Wendi noticed the Piano Guys were putting a concert on in Salt Lake City the following night. The Piano Guys is one of Wendi’s favorite groups, and we’ve listend to them a lot in the few years we’ve been together. We had talked about driving to Salt Lake City to see them perform in the past, since for some reason they rarely have come to Colorado venues. “We should go,” she said after reading the announcement.

So we did.

We bought our tickets, booked a hotel room, ate breakfast, then hit the road. Ten hours and 630 miles later, we were pulling into our hotel car park in the Salt Lake City suburb of Sandy. I’d never been to Salt Lake City before. A couple of years ago when we talked about doing something like this, I thought a trip to the railroad museum in Ogden might be fun. So we got up on Saturday, and headed that way. I’ll be posting the pictures from there, of course.

One place we definitely wanted to visit was the Great Salt Lake, the obvious namesake of the city:

One thing we noticed for us — being the Front Range residents that we are — is the mountains felt “on the wrong side”. Normally to us, mountains are west, but these are to the East in the mid-afternoon:

South of the causeway, the water was very still and I caught the reflections of the mountains on the surface of the Great Salt Lake.


11 thoughts on “The Great Salt Lake

  1. SnapperTrx

    Great shots! Looks like a place that would be fun to visit, and I’ll have to take note of it for when the wife and I do a cross country (likely in a few years). That last shot should be a Windows desktop! Very serene! Maybe you should submit it to Bing or something, as they have daily images and that one would be a perfect fit!

    1. matt Post author

      Some a couple of pieces of advice for a Great Salt Lake vist: Take Keens (or something similar)… the sand was scorching (and full of rocks). Take OFF or some other bug spray. I thought it would be like a beach, but it wasn’t — bugs galore.

      Thanks! I don’t know how to submit photos to Bing, actually; though I haven’t looked too hard.

          1. SnapperTrx

            I thought there was a reply a few posts down that mentioned both the contest (expired), but also a normal method to submit. I’ll see if I come across anything on their Facebook page. I wasn’t aware you sold some of your work! I’ll keep that in mind!

          2. SnapperTrx

            I already see a couple of shots that I like and that would go great in our home. We are planning on doing some redecorating around the end of the year. I’m going to save your page to my Favorites and maybe send a few shots over to my wife.

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