Deer Crossing the Tracks


It was a rail fan morning next to the Joint Line, and not much was going on. I had glanced away from the tracks, until I heard the ballast shifting. When I looked up, this young buck was climbing the other side of the tracks. He came down the side I was on. He didn’t really pay me much attention.

Then his small harem appeared and similarly crossed the tracks:

One of them posed for me:

The trio crossed the road, and headed toward the river. Before starting down the bank, they mooned me:

And the young buck gave me one last glance before he disappeared:


2 thoughts on “Deer Crossing the Tracks

  1. Kalyn Franke

    These are beautiful, though I wish they’d get off the tracks as I get anxious looking at them stepping over them! Look both ways, dear deers!

    1. matt Post author

      They are beautiful; I was as pleased with the opportunity to take these photos as I usually am excited about trains (I’m a big kid, I know). I would imagine deer sometimes do get hit by trains, just as they get hit by cars sometimes… but I also think they probably can sense them as well or better than I can. The rails squeal a high-pitched tone for a (relatively) long time before the train arrives. I imagine the deer in town have learned to get off the tracks when they hear that.


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