Wind Turbine Blades


We were driving around Hutchinson, Kansas when I saw this lineup of trucks loaded with wind turbine blades sitting on a road not far from the Siemens plant. There are hundreds of wind turbines in a huge wind farm west of Salina. These blades, when they’re operational, seem deceptively small; up close, these blades are massive. And I don’t even think these ones in the photos are the biggest I’ve seen.

Oversize Load indeed.


5 thoughts on “Wind Turbine Blades

    1. matt Post author

      Indeed! It’s not surprising they make them there in mid-Kansas (though I was surprised to see them) since wind is abundant there.

      My brother tells this story: Not long after he started college there in McPherson, someone asked the group, which included a girl from Columbia, if they wanted to go see the wind farm. He says this Columbian girl thought about that for a minute and asked, “Isn’t Kansas windy enough?”

      1. cars4usa

        😂 Good story, and the girl had a good point. Indeed, not that surprising to see them then, but still unusual I think. After all, you still won’t see something like it every day.

  1. SnapperTrx

    These things ARE massive on a grand scale! I don’t think people realize how big they are from a distance. We almost did some work on the windmill farms in Tehachapi, and ill tell you, when you stand next to some of these things it’s almost frightening how big they are.

    1. matt Post author

      I agree. We once went out to a windfarm a bit east of a small town south of here, and the sound they make is a little haunting too…


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