Kansas Birds


Even in Kansas, nature gives me stuff to photograph while I wait for trains to pass.

Similar to the pair of birds I saw sitting on the rail in Colorado Springs, these two guys provided a cute photo opportunity as we waited by the rails in Inman, Kansas. No trains passed this day while we waited there, but spending time with my wife is never wasted time. And getting pictures like these is like a bonus.

They sort of look as if they’re playing Follow the Leader.


2 thoughts on “Kansas Birds

  1. SnapperTrx

    Great shots! While in Ventura over the weekend the wife and I walked along one of the bird sanctuaries on the beach (they just post signs that say you cannot walk in a certain area) and there were some funny little coastal birds that had nested in the bundles of wood laying in the sand. Many of them had tiny fish they were brining home to their fluffy little young, who were running around like little sand-colored chicks. They were pretty cool and the wife thought they were “sooooooo cute” (her words not mine). Also a rather large gathering of pelicans was nearby – those things are huge! Despite not looking very majestic, when they all took flight out across the water it was breathtaking! Really wish I had grabbed some pictures, but I didn’t bring my phone with me. Maybe one of these days Ill just head down there for a picture-taking adventure. Not that I am any good with a camera, but you might be interested in seeing some of the sights. I doubt the wife would object to another day at the coast!

    1. matt Post author

      Definitely you should get some pics… That would be cool to see. (I agree about the pelicans…)


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