Grain Train – Union Pacific 6280


When we were in Kansas for the 4th of July holiday weekend, Wendi suggested getting pictures of trains in front of the many silos that dot the landscape there. We tried. We camped out in Inman, Kansas for a while two different days; and I got close with a load of Autoracks near McPherson. But I just hadn’t got the shots I was looking for.

We camped out at the end of 11th Avenue for a while, but couldn’t stay long. As we were leaving, I saw the signal had lit up; I pulled off the road, and waited. Union Pacific 6280, Union Pacific 6488 (GE AC44CWs) and Union Pacific 5447 (GE AC45CCTE) form the lead consist of this long grain train heading south. The scale of those silos is staggering when you consider the train is probably around 20 feet tall.

I’m not going to suggest I’m unfamiliar with railroad crossings; but to be perfectly honest, in Colorado Springs most of the crossings are on different elevations. Either the road or the tracks go over bridges here. So I took this opportunity to snag a photo of this crossing gate. The color of the graffiti stands out starkly against the gray of the hopper.

Pushing from behind was Union Pacific 7839 (GE C45ACCTE, ES44AC).


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