Kansas Flooding


I drove past this field several times before I actually remembered where it was to stop and take pictures. When I first saw this sign, the water was up to the yellow bit; none of the posts were visible. So because I couldn’t “find” the field until a day or so later, I only have these pictures. Which aren’t as cool, but still show how much water was on the ground when we were in Kansas in early July.


2 thoughts on “Kansas Flooding

  1. SnapperTrx

    Crazy! Last year we drove to Oklahoma to visit family and the flooding through Texas was insane. There were literally new bodies of water on both sides of the highway, and you could see where the fence lines would go down, deep, before coming back up again. The cows seemed to enjoy it, though.

    1. matt Post author

      Wow. The cows I saw along the highway didn’t seem to like it much, but they also seemed relatively crowded on the high ground.

      I have some more pictures of flooding coming up in a couple of days, too.


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