Coal Train – BNSF 6946


Pulling an empty coal train is this GE ES44C4, BNSF 6946. Behind the lead locomotive is the Citirail leased ES44AC, CREX 1307 and BNSF 8753, an EMD SD70ACe. This trio of engines pulled an empty coal train north through Colorado Springs on a gray, misty morning. I used to think the railroad spread the engines front and back so there was no need to turn them around before their return trip. Obviously, with no engines in the back, that can’t be the case. I’ve also seen several trains where the rear engine isn’t facing the right way round. Now I believe the engine distribution has more to do with drawbar pull physics than with the return-trip convenience of having a driver on either end.

If you’re interested in stuff that’s probably not very interesting, this was the ES44C4 I saw with green model decal paint I mentioned a long time ago. Prior to this one, I’d only noticed yellow paint on the ES44C4s.


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