Castle Rock, Kansas


In the middle of nowhere Kansas is Castle Rock. Really, Castle Rock is south of Quinter. There is almost nothing there though, only the Kansas favorite: Dairy Queen. The sign on the freeway said: “Quinter, the gateway to Castle Rock”. What it didn’t say was: “Castle Rock is 15 miles south on dirt roads. An SUV is recommended.”

We didn’t stay there long: too many more miles to drive. These are the pictures I took there.

Der Schlossfelsen

In der Mitte nirgendwo Kansas ist der Schlossfelsen. Wirklich der Schlossfelsen ist Süd Quinter. Es gibt fast nichts dort doch, nur die Liebling der Kansas-Städte, Dairy Queen.

Das Straßenschild an die Autobahn hat gesagt: “Quinter, Das Tor zu Schlossfelsen”. Was hat es nicht gesagt ist: “Der Schlossfelsen ist funfzehn Meilen Süd an Staubstraße. Ein SUV ist zu empfehlen.”

Wir haben zu lang nicht geblieben: zu viele Meilen mehr zu fahren. Diese sind die Bilder, ich dort gemacht habe.


4 thoughts on “Castle Rock, Kansas

  1. SnapperTrx

    How big is that thing, overall? Compared to the road, it doesn’t seem like its a castle SIZED rock, but it looks pretty big. I like odd rock formations and such. One of the reasons I like driving through New Mexico is all the mesas and weird rocks at the rest stops along the 40. Cool stuff.

    1. matt Post author

      I don’t know, for certain. The roads were not in great shape, and we didn’t go down to the formation itself. We also had my grandmother with us, so hiking around the area wasn’t an option.

      It’s in Kansas, and a there’s not a lot of natural vertical terrain there. So it’s prominent from that respect.

      Wikipedia doesn’t typically count as a valid source in my opinion, but that said, for what it’s worth:

    1. matt Post author

      Thanks. We may try to go back there again for more photos; or to get closer to the formation.


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