Utah State Railroad Museum (I)


On a near-whim, Wendi and I drove out to Salt Lake City, Utah for a Piano Guys concert. Salt Lake City is a 10-hour, 630-mile drive from Colorado Springs, but we packed up and headed west, through Wyoming and then into SLC. A few years ago, we talked about going out there, and I had wanted to see the Utah State Railroad Museum in Ogden. Over the next few days, I’ll be posting pictures I took while I was there.

Unfortunately the pictures won’t be too good. The arrangement of the displays, as you can see in the image above, made it nearly impossible to get good shots of the trains. But c’est la vie.

Aus Spaß sind Wendi und ich zu Salt Lake City in Utah für ein Piano-Guys-Konzert gefahren. Salt Lake City ist eine 10-Stunden, 1014-km Fahrt von Colorado Springs, aber wir haben gepackt, und sind wir Westen durch Wyoming und in SLC gefahren. Wir hatte ein paar Jahre bevor zu gehen zu SLC geredet. Ich hatte dann die Utah State Railroad Museum in Ogden zu besuchen gewollt. Für die nächste Paar Tagen werde ich die Bilder, dass ich da gemacht habe.

Leider denke ich die Bilder nicht so gut sind. Als Sie können sehen haben die Abmachung der Darstellungen fast Unmöglichkeit gemacht, gute Bilder die Züge zu machen. Aber… So ist das Leben, ja?

Union Pacific X-26 is one of the railroad’s Gas Turbine Electric Engines.

Union Pacific X-26 ist eine Gasturbine-Elektro-Lokomtive der Eisenbahn.


4 thoughts on “Utah State Railroad Museum (I)

  1. SnapperTrx

    Very cool stuff. Earlier this year I visited my aunt in Sacramento, CA and we visited “old Sacramento” a pretty neat spot that still retains the feel of what the city was like 100 years ago or so. They had a small train museum which we didn’t visit, but we did get a few shots of the huge, old locomotives outside in their yard. Ill see if I can find any of the pictures. They were impressive. Also the railroad museum in Tehachapi, CA is pretty neat, if not small.

    1. matt Post author

      I’ll bet the Tehachapi museum is pretty cool. That’s a rather interesting bit of railroad engineering there. If I’m ever in California again (an unlikely scenario, if I’m honest), I’ll have to check that place out in person. Fight for elbow room with all the other Tehachapi railfanners.

      1. SnapperTrx

        If I end up back around there Ill make sure to grab some pictures. I think you can even go sit out by the loop and have lunch or something. Ill see what I can do.

        1. matt Post author

          That sounds like a win. You may wind up with the bug too, though; I got back into trains when I was commuting between Denver and Colorado Springs along the Joint Line. A not-particularly-intuitive start to a mild obsession.


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