Utah State Railroad Museum (II)


Union Pacific 833 sits in the Utah State Railroad Museum. It sits on the outside, so it’s one of the few engines there that I can get side shots of. It’s not as famous as its sister engine, Union Pacific 844, which has recently returned to service after a complete overhaul.

Union Pacific 833 sitzt im Utah-Staat-Eisenbahnmuseum. Es sitzt am Auserhalb, also es ist eine Lokomotive, dass ich fotografieren von die Seite könnte. Es ist nicht so bekannt, als sein Schwester-Lokomotive, Union Pacific 844, das hat kürzlich zu Dienst nach eine komplette Instandsetzung zurückgekehrt.


3 thoughts on “Utah State Railroad Museum (II)

  1. SnapperTrx

    Now THATS a locomotive! If it’s anything like the ones we saw in Old Sac they are seemingly bigger than their modern kin, but I don’t know if its because they are bigger or if they just seem like it, given their grim visage. The hulking, all black beast of a body is kind of imposing. Great shots!

      1. SnapperTrx

        Ha ha, I think you have certified yourself as a train-o-phile a long time ago, friend! Awesome shots of the 844! Locomotives really are impressive. I mean, just thinking about all the parts and pieces that have to work together, the precision, the power! Definitely a romantic part of the old United States and the subject of many a great heist film! Very cool!


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