Green River Terrain


We drove over the mountains along I-70 to get to Salt Lake City. Wyoming’s terrain was interesting and varied. There were high mountains and long flat plains.

One of the cities along the way was Green River. I think I would go back there: There was a lot of train traffic there. Also there were these rock formations. The terrain there seems a bit like that of a western movie.

Green River Gelände

Wir sind über die Berge entlang Autobahn 70 gefahren, zu Salt Lake City zu gehen. Das Gelände des Wyomings war interessant und variiert. Es gab hohe Bergen und lange flache Ebenen.

Einer der Städte entlang dem Weg ist Green River. Ich denke, dass ich zurück da zu gehen würde: es gab viel Zugverkehr dort. Auch da war diese Felsenbildungen. Das Gelände dort scheint zu mich ein bisschen wie einem Western.


6 thoughts on “Green River Terrain

  1. SnapperTrx

    Very cool stuff. I love travelling to visit my in-laws in Oklahoma. Though I don’t care much for staying long, the drive is incredibly cool. It’s neat to see all the land formations, the rolling hills, the mountains – makes for a great trip. Add some awesome travelling music and some snacks and its on!

    1. matt Post author

      Yeah, It was a pretty cool drive. Lots of different styles and types of terrain and big views. Driving west through Colorado, we cut through the mountains, so the views are impressive… but not big! 🙂

      We roadtrip well together, and that’s helpful.

    1. matt Post author

      Danke! Natürlich habe ich mich sie nicht getan… 🙂 Obwohl zustimme ich mit dich: sie sind fantastich.


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