Rampart Range Road (I)


Ich hatte nur eins Chance diesem Vogel zu fotografieren. Zum Glück mag ich das Bild, ich habe gemacht.

Es war ein wunderschöner Tag, und Wendi wollte nicht, im Haus zu bleiben. Wir hatten keine Idee, was zu tun, aber wir haben gewusst, wir wollten nicht im Haus.

Es gibt eine Straße zwischen Colorado Springs und Sedalia, es heisst Rampart Range Straße. Ich habe nie es gefahren. Ich wollte nicht zu Sedalia zu gehen, aber wir konnte in Woodland Park mit es verbinden. Wir würden von Woodland Park zu Colorado Springs fahren. Es gab ein Paar Möglichkeiten Fotos von Pikes Peak von eine verschiedene Perspektive zu machen. Auch ein Paar schöne Landschaften.

I only had one chance to get pictures of this bird. Fortunately I like the picture I got.

It was a gorgeous day; and Wendi didn’t want to say inside. We had no idea what we wanted to do, but we knew we didn’t want to stay home.

There is a road between Colorado Springs and Sedalia called Rampart Range Road. I have never driven it. I didn’t want to go to Sedalia, but we could pick it up in Woodland Park; we’d drive from there back to Colorado Springs. There were a few opportunities to get pictures of Pikes Peak from a different perspective. Also, a few pretty landscapes.

Aber unter die schöne Landschaften, haben wir die verweilende Auswirkungen von das Waldo Canyon Feuer auch gesehen.

But among the pretty landscapes, we also saw the lingering effects of the Waldo Canyon Fire.

Mehr Bilder bald.

More pictures soon.


13 thoughts on “Rampart Range Road (I)

  1. SnapperTrx

    Incredible shots! Makes me want to come by for a visit!

    The coloring on birds has always amazed me. Sometimes their colors are so vibrant and vivid it just seems unreal, like it shouldn’t exist, but it does. Also the unique characteristics of different birds are incredible. My wife and I enjoy watching the different birds on the coast, and how each species has it’s own little tweaks or attributes. Long legs here, long beaks there, one in particular is very short and squat, but runs like a madman. When they turn they remind me of a motorcycle racer, the way they shift their center of gravity over the bike, its hilarious!

    Heh. Who knew I had such a thing for birds.

    1. matt Post author

      There are more pics on the way, next week I think. If you do come through the area, let me know.

      Birds are pretty spectacular, and I love to get good pics of them… But it’s not easy for me. This one, I only had the one chance to get him and he was gone.

      Perhaps you’ve found your calling. 😁

      1. SnapperTrx

        Ha, ha, maybe so! I still haven’t gotten back to Ventura for some bird sanctuary images, as I said I would. I think we are headed back to Venice beach next week, as the wife and I want to spend some time with my oldest son before he heads into the Marines, but there isn’t much along the lines of birds there – just a ton of odd people. Maybe I’ll snap some shots of them. Earlier today I posted, on my own blog, that I am going to concentrate on project posts for a while and some amateur photography would be a perfect project!

        1. matt Post author

          Well, I do enjoy it. Venice Beach is a pretty ripe source for surreal street photography.

          Have your son ask his DI “how many trucks are on MCRD”. Not right away of course… But eventually he’ll get the chance to ask.

          1. matt Post author

            No, nothing like that. You should tell him to ask after he’s there, so he can’t look it up online before. 😁

          2. SnapperTrx

            Okay, but I may look it up online first! He’s a good kid. Smart and determined. He decided to go into the Marines because he doesn’t want to sit around waiting for someone to call him back for a job, he doesn’t like to rest on his laurels. His mother is a wreck over it, but we both understand a boy has to become a man some day, and what better way to make the transition then to join up with some of the manliest men on the planet. Makes me wish I had joined back in the day, but I was too aware of politics and didn’t want too join the military under Clinton. Mistake on my part, now that I look back. Oh well, such is life. He should do well, though.

          3. matt Post author

            Yeah, I understand. My advice would be: Spend as much time overseas as possible while the Government foots the bill.

          4. SnapperTrx

            Ha! I told him that right from the start! “Now’s your chance. If you can see the world on the governments dime, do it before you get a wife and kids!”. I actually have a cousin who is stationed in Japan with her husband, they moved there and decided never to move back. Also a friend of the family married a Japanese exchange student and now they have moved to Japan, never to return. If he heads there as well it may give me the opportunity to visit, as I have always wanted to!

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