GE ES44AC — BNSF 6286


There is only one mainline along the Joint Line through north Colorado Springs. There are sidings about five miles in either direction from where I usually spot trains; but through here, it’s just the one set of tracks. Which means trains rarely stop and pose for photos. So when they do…

There’s an inherit beauty in functional design. I doubt the engineers at GE Transportation set out to design a beautiful locomotive; I would think, among all the considerations that go into the design, that aesthetics are not too high on the list. Certainly not above performance considerations. And yet, the final product is beautiful anyway.

BNSF 6286 sits at the end of a stopped train, coupled to and EMD SD70ACe, BNSF 9391. Since I rarely get the opportunity to get a lot of detail shots, I decided to take advantage of this rare stopped coal train and get as many photos as I could.

I like the back end of the ES44AC. In fact, I was using one of these photos as my phone’s lock screen.

I admit I don’t know everything about locomotives and what goes into their design. Their trucks are fascinating to me. GE ES44ACs engines produce 4400 horsepower, and that horsepower is delivered to the wheels on the trucks which have a very tiny contact patch. The trucks may be one of the most interesting elements to a train locomotive.

The heat plume from the exhaust distorts Pulpit Rock:


2 thoughts on “GE ES44AC — BNSF 6286

  1. Carol Reamy

    You have some interesting photos here. I like the face-to-face (back to back?) shots. I also like the closeup of the horns. Pretty cool.

    1. matt Post author

      Thanks… I don’t always get to have the chance to get them sitting still. I liked the exhaust-distorted Pulpit Rock.


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