EMD SD70ACe — BNSF 9391


Yesterday, I showed some detail pictures of BNSF 6286, a GE ES44AC. Coupled to that engine was BNSF 9391, an EMD SD70ACe. BNSF owns hundreds of EMD SD70ACes: I’ve shown several here on my blog.

I’m told that BNSF 9391 is an ACe without an isolated cab, and will therefore only be used in DPU service. I’m not sure if that’s why the number plate above the cab is white with black numbers instead of black with white numbers; but since I’ve been told this, I’ve seen a couple of other Black on White plates on units without isolated cabs (that have indeed been in DPU service). It’s true the unit doesn’t have an isolated cab; those have an outline around the cab and is visible on BNSF 9008.

In train-related forums all over the internet, there’s almost guaranteed to be a thread where users of the forum argue GE vs EMD and which is better. It’s a pointless and stupid argument; one normally fueled by feelings rather than fact. And I think: I just like trains. It doesn’t make me better than anyone else, of course. I guess I get to have more fun when spotting since I’m not turning up my nose at half the motive power out there.

That said, I don’t think EMDs are quite as good looking as the GEVOs; but they’re no less interesting. Especially the trucks!


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