Trail Ridge Road (I)


Wendi suggested we drive Trail Ridge Road in the Rocky Mountain National Park. The place was packed with people, so driving through it presented a bit of a challenge. Even getting to it, we had to drive through Golden, Boulder, and Estes Park — so I admit traffic frustrations were already a bit high when we got to the park. However, the views in the park put into perspective the inconsiderate actions of the other people there.

How stunning is this?

It’s a 50-mile stretch of US-34 that crosses the mountains and you spend 11 miles of the drive over the timber line at 11,500ft (3505.2m) of elevation. There are a lot of turn outs, some of which even had some open spaces so I could get pictures:

Since the road’s elevation maxes out at 12,183 ft (3713.38m) elevation, these signs should say: Not even close to the top. I mean, I still had to shoot through the trees.


4 thoughts on “Trail Ridge Road (I)

  1. SnapperTrx

    Awesome! I love shots of the mountains and forests like that! I think I have said before, but one of my favorite things to see when we drive back East is the landscape. It’s very unique from state to state, and even within a state! Great shots!

    1. matt Post author


      Just within the state, there’s a lot of diverse scenery; and it’s a pretty place to live, no question.

      1. Carol Reamy

        These are super, Matt. I love the 2 mile signs. It amuses me that Denver is the “mile high” city and there is sooooo much more to Colorado. Gorgeous!

        1. matt Post author

          I sort of thought something similar when I saw that. Like “why does Denver get all the cred? It’s among the lowest points in Colorado!” More pictures coming of our drive, by the way.


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