Loaded Coal Train — BNSF 8795


I was out with my daughter, one August Saturday evening; I asked her to capture some video of the trains that pass by, specifically the unit coal trains. I love the time I get to spend with the kiddo when we’re out doing things like this. I know she’s not too into trains, but we do get to talk and have some us time while we’re out there. After an intial mixed freight train passed (that yielded nothing usable), the signal lit up indicating a southbound train was coming.

The lead engine, BNSF 8795 (EMD SD70ACe) appeared through the gap in the trees…

…and rounded the bend as it headed south, BNSF 6334 (GE ES44AC)BNSF 6334 and a load of coal for Xcel Energy strung out behind.

Then the last of the 120 coal hoppers rounds the bend, and the rear DPUs come into sight:

BNSF 6295 and BNSF 5824, both GE ES44ACs, push the end of the train past our position.

I didn’t realize how soon I’d see these engines again.


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