Empty Coal Train — BNSF 8795


I had been wanting to get a shot of a train coming around this bend for a while now; but for one reason or another, I haven’t been able to. The morning after the Kiddo and I saw BNSF 8795 go south with its load of coal for Xcel Energy, I woke up early and headed up to the bend. After an hour or so of waiting around, I saw BNSF 8795 — an EMD SD70ACe — round the bend, heading north, paired with BNSF 6334, a GE ES44AC.

It didn’t register at first, but then I saw the string of empty coal hoppers belonging to Xcel Energy:

And the appearance of BNSF 6295 and BNSF 5824 confirmed it. This was the same train I’d seen the previous evening, now empty and headed back for a refill. I guess the previous evening’s load of coal went to the Comanche Power Plant in Pueblo, Colorado. I don’t know that for certain, though.

It was sort of weirdly exciting to see the same train. Does this mean I need to get out more?


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