Greenland Open Space


Just north of Palmer Lake, Colorado is the Greenland Open Space. It sits between Colorado Highway 53 on the west and I-25 (on the east), County Line Road to the South and Greenland Road to the north. The Colorado Joint Line runs along the western edge of the Open Space.

When I was commuting between Colorado Springs and Lakewood, I used to drive along Highway 53 in hopes of catching trains to photograph. Since we’ve moved to the Springs, however, I’ve rarely come up to the area for railfanning (it’s more difficult to get to than it should be). But I decided I’d scope the area out, so I grabbed my camera and headed up there. Of course, I was looking for a spot with a good vantage point of the railroad tracks; but as is often the case, there was plenty of other stuff to take pictures of while I waited for the trains.

I started down the trail, which is really more of a worn track:

But didn’t get very far before this thistle caught my eye:

Looking back to the south and west, you can see the red rocks and ground are pervasive, providing great contrast with the evergreens growing on it:

And when I did pick a spot that overlooked the tracks, I found this plant. I have no idea what it is, but it looked cool.


2 thoughts on “Greenland Open Space

  1. SnapperTrx

    Great shots! I don’t know what it is about images of lonely trees in fields that appeals to me. There’s one spot as we drive South down the highway where there sits a single tree on the side of a hill that always makes me wonder “what is it about that one tree and that one spot that allows it to grow, yet no other trees grow around it?”

    Flowers amaze me. That one looks like it came off of some alien world. Despite their beauty and simplicity they are mighty complex machines and seeing odd ones like that is really neat. Recently my dad and I were out on a job and, around the job site, there sprang up hundreds of large thistles, which had large purple flowers on the top and very long, very sharp thorns. As my dad was pointing something out on one in particular the breeze picked up and the flower swung his direction, impaling his fingertip on one of the thorns! We both laughed because it really did look like the thing reached out to attack him! Maybe it did…….

    1. matt Post author

      Wow, maybe it did, at that. I wouldn’t be surprised. I think nature is more ‘alive’ than humans think it is, so it’s entirely possible.


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