Triple MAC – BNSF 9826


I was hanging out in the Greenland Open Space, waiting for some trains to pass. Where I normally sit by the Colorado Joint Line, it’s only a single track for traffic in both directions; but through here, just north of Palmer Lake, there is a dedicated line for traffic in each direction. To the north I could see (what’s been affectionately dubbed) The Sag at Spruce. Before the Joint Line came into being, one track crossed over the other; but after Congress interfered, the tracks were straightened, the crossing was eliminated, and The Sag came into existence.

I didn’t see any traffic in The Sag this morning, though. I heard the whistle to the south as the oncoming train approached County Line Road down in Palmer Lake. As the train slowly came into view, I saw the lead engines were both EMD SD70MACs (BNSF 9826 and BNSF 9812).

It slowly approached, pulling a load of empty coal hoppers for Xcel Energy. The lead engine has a patchwork visor:

And then it had passed me, slowly picking up speed as the tail end of the train cleared the switch back in Palmer Lake:

As the front of the train gracefully heads toward Larkspur, the rear DPUs came into view: a third SD70MAC, BNSF 9834 and BNSF 8760, an EMD SD70ACe.


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