Colorado Springs Utilities — Union Pacific 5453


I’ve mentioned before how finding and shooting the Colorado Springs Utilities unit coal trains was a goal I’d had when we moved down here. I know the odds of capturing it increase the more I’m out, but it’s still sort of a cool thing to see. I know this coal will be burned locally, and I’ll benefit from the power it produces. And to see that part of the process just seems cool to me.

Union Pacific seems to run more motive power per train than BNSF does. The lead unit of an all GE-powered train, UP 5453 is an AC45CCTE.

UP 2527 (ES44AC-H) looks new, newly painted, or newly washed.

An AC44CWCTE, UP 5622 needs to be washed:

Colorado Springs Utilities is not a large utility group. In fact, I found CSUX 1 on this train:

And since 44 is sort of a special number for my wife…

The first of the DPUs, UP 6460 is (I think) another AC44CWCTE.

And the final engine is UP 6283, a C44AC (again, I think).

I’m never too sure about the Union Pacific fleet; they call theirs different things and I don’t see enough of them to have sorted out all the various models yet.


One thought on “Colorado Springs Utilities — Union Pacific 5453

  1. SnapperTrx

    Very cool. I have to say that I love seeing that big ol’ logo painted across the front of the machine. Something about those big, winged logos is very visually appealing, and not just on the train, but really any of those classic logos just makes me feel proud to be an American. Those are the symbols of progress, ingenuity and the American spirit! Great shots!


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