The Worst Thing About Freedom

I don’t often write about politics here anymore. It’s not that I’m any less opinionated than before. But I’ve found that writing about politics is pointless and only leads to unhappiness. I present for your consideration: The Liberal Media. Talk about an unhappy group of people. They’ve sold out completely to the Newspeak Nonsense that is political correctness, and are trying to shove their religion of liberalism down the throats of everyone else because misery loves company. The inherent hypocrisy involved in all the many disparate convoluted avenues of the liberal lunacy clearly drives people to insanity.

Think that’s an exaggeration? Examine this insanity: In less than a week, this Laughingstock-of-the-World Nation will be headed to the polls, and most people will vote for an idiot. (Probably all of us will, since only an idiot would actually want to be president. But I only really researched the candidates for whom I would conceivably vote, so I can’t say with utmost certainty that all the candidates are idiots). The two major-party Not-Options are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. If you don’t believe that über-liberalism generates insanity, read that last sentence again.

One angle of the insanity that’s pervaded this society presents Hillary Clinton as a viable candidate, despite the fact that she’s neither qualified nor equipped for the gig. The response to the insanity is the Newtonian Equal and Opposite Reaction Response: Trump. We’ve been calling them “Clump” in the House of Reamy because there is no discernible difference between the two. None. All the petty partisan bickering between supporters of either, are basically arguing the reasons why one is less-unqualified relative to the other. Neither side seems to be arguing why we should vote for its candidate or why its candidate is actually capable or qualified for the role they’re seeking.

That’s insanity. There’s no other word for it.

I understand that options for presidents have progressively become worse ever since George Washington left the job, and that they’ve tanked over the last several elections; but this is scraping beyond the bottom of the barrel. Both major parties in America have dug through the Dog-Waste bins to pick the worst, most disgusting, despicable candidate they could find.

The worst thing about freedom is the responsibility that comes with it. The people of this country have fully embraced their irresponsible selves with this goat rodeo; they refuse to be responsible for themselves and their freedom, and it’s come to this: both major parties are fielding dictators. Petty, immature, entitled dictators.

If you want change, you’re going to have to grow up, accept responsibility, and do something different. Start by making informed decisions when you vote. Don’t vote against a candidate; how unutterably idiotic is that? Decide what your values are and then vote for someone who has values that line up with yours. If you don’t have any values, don’t vote. The Republican and Democrat party are the same. There’s no difference between them.

It’s time for a competent president.


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