Der Wanderfalke (Teil III)


Nein, vergesse ich nicht die letzte Fotos dem Wanderfalke!

Nach er seine Mittagessen beendet hat, er hat seine Zuschauer zu merken geschienen. Weg hat er zu eine Baumkrone geflogen, für das nächste Essen zu jagen.

(Der Wanderfalke Teil I, Teil II)

Peregrine Falcon (Part III)

No, I didn’t forget the last Peregrine Falcon pictures.

After he finished his lunch, he seemed to notice his spectators. Away he went to a treetop to search for the next meal.

(Der Wanderfalke Part I, Part II)


10 thoughts on “Der Wanderfalke (Teil III)

  1. SnapperTrx

    Birds are such odd creatures, much more violent than we give them credit for. Recently my wife and I were watching a documentary on animals and we found out that certain white pelicans, to feed their young, actually walk into the nesting grounds of another particular bird and swallow their young whole, only to regurgitate partially digested bits for their own babies later. Totally unexpected and we were quite shocked! The animal kingdom is no joke, they play hardball too, which totally betrays their often cute and harmless exteriors.

    1. matt Post author

      Indeed! It’s funny to me when these ecomentalists get all doe-eyed over “mother nature” and completely ignore the reality: It’s more like “Evil Stepmother Nature”.

  2. SnapperTrx

    I know this is an older post now, but I had to update with this little ‘experience’.

    My oldest son, my daughter and myself were headed toward the local swap meet when we decided to grab something from the Carl’s Jr. on the way (they boy got out of boot camp and had been craving fast food, go figure). As we rounded the corner into the driveway of the restaurant I saw a crow right in the middle of he drive-thru lane picking at what appeared to be a balled up burger wrapper. If your familiar with Carl’s Jr./Hardees they are white wrappers with yellow and red on them, so I thought nothing of it. As we approached the bird, however, he took flight, grabbing hold of his “wrapper” and taking it with him. All three of us were shocked as we came to realize that the wrapper was, in fact, a bunny rabbit head. Yes, head only. The long ears bobbed along as it flew into the air, landed on a nearby building, stuck the head on some anti-pigeon spikes and proceeded to eat (he just rested them on the spikes, he did not impale the thing, though it couldn’t have made things more awkward). We were all quite taken aback and we laughed at the morbidity of the situation. Certainly not something you see every day!

    1. matt Post author

      Drive through…Fly through, what’s the difference? And in all honesty, the crow was probably getting a better meal than fast food could offer! 🙂

      Crows are seriously smart… I saw a video of one dropping nuts onto the street, letting cars crush them for him, then waiting for the walk to eat them. Dunno if it was real… but wow.

      1. SnapperTrx

        I have always heard the same, that they are very smart. I have always wanted one for a pet. Weird? Perhaps, but they are certainly interesting birds.


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