Red Rocks Canyon Open Space (Part I)


You know how when you live somewhere, you sort of take it for granted? We don’t mean to, but we do it. I’ve lived in Colorado Springs for many years, but had hever gone to Red Rocks Canyon Open Space.

It was new and interesting, with many photo opportunities.

Red Rocks Canyon Freifläche

Bekanntlich wie, wann euch irgendwo wohnt, betrachtet euch es als selbstverständlich? Wir meinen es nicht, doch tun wir es. Ich habe in Colorado Springs viele Jahre gewohnt, aber ich habe nie zu Red Rocks Canyon Freifläche gegangen.

Es war neu und interessant, mit viele Fotomöglichkeiten.


6 thoughts on “Red Rocks Canyon Open Space (Part I)

  1. SnapperTrx

    Great shots, odd name. Seems kind of lazy. “Hey, Bill, what do we call this open space?”, “Meh, its time for lunch, open space is good.”

    Actually, these shots make me want to hit up Thunder Mountain at Disneyland. My work day is shot!

    1. matt Post author

      “Open Space” isn’t the laziest part of the name… “Red Rocks” seems much lazier. They could’ve called it “Tautology Canyon”…

      1. SnapperTrx

        The place I was working at last week was called “lynch canyon”, it’s located down the street called Dead Mans Gulch. Wonder what they did there in the past??

  2. Carol Reamy

    I haven’t been there either. I didn’t even know about it. Is it near Garden of the Gods? The rocks look similar.

    1. matt Post author

      It is… It’s south of the GOG. Soon I’ll post some photos of GOG from Red Rocks Canyon, actually.


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