Coal Train — BNSF 9121


I think the flashing yellow signal means something like proceed at track speed through this signal, but the next signal will be medium speed.

It’s hard to tell the signal was flashing yellow, since I caught it with the signal lighted up; but it was flashing.

Speaking of flash: BNSF 9121, an EMD SD70ACe appears between the trees before the bend, its exhaust warping the air overhead:

The late afternoon sun was starting to sink behind the hills behind us, and the shadows were growing long; but the front two engines (including GE ES44AC, BNSF 6225) shine, mostly clear of shadows. I had been in Denver earlier this morning, and had seen this train parked next to the freeway… the bit of graffiti under the radiator helped me identify it as the same one.

Then it passed me, heading south with its load of coal — around 22.2M pounds (~10,113,295.48 kg) of it — for Xcel Energy.

And bringing up the rear, working DPU duty was a pair of GE ES44ACs: BNSF 6241 and BNSF 6164.


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