Coal Train — BNSF 6236


It was a bitterly cold morning. I was headed to Denver and saw this train going south, headed toward Larkspur. BNSF 6236 and BNSF 5868, a pair of GE ES44AC, lead a long load of coal toward the Tomah Road exit on I-25. It was clear to the north…

.. but toward the south, it was cloudy and the sun was fighting to penetrate the overcast. The train is pulling up a long steep climb toward Palmer Lake, about 10-15 miles south. The filtered sunlight gives the south-facing photos an interesting atmosphere:

Then the DPUs made it around the bend and the whole train was relatively straight for a bit. These unit coal trains often are longer than a mile long.

The DPUs are two different models from the EMD SD70 family. The first, BNSF 9843, is a MAC.

And BNSF 8494 is an ACe

I thought this image looked really good in black and white, too. Wendi said it made it look like it conveys the cold a lot more than the color photo does:


6 thoughts on “Coal Train — BNSF 6236

    1. Carol Reamy

      Additionally, I like the imagery of both the cold and the coal–to be used for heat.

      1. matt Post author

        Yeah, I think that’s a cool (pun, hah!) element too. I think this one was a really good catch, well worth the frostbite! 🙂

  1. Richard Schulte

    When I lived on the high plains, I was always impressed at the length of some of those coals trains. They seemed to stretch all the way to the horizon.

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