This guy looks a little better fed than Wile E. I’ve heard coyotes in the neighborhood before as I’ve been out taking pictures; but this was the first time I spotted on and had my camera with me. (Sadly, I had switched from my 300mm to my 200mm lens before I left, but at least I got these).

He saw me and decided he’d rather not hang about; the first photo is one after he’d run down the tracks a bit and turned to see if he was being followed (he wasn’t). He scarpered:

But ultimately, whatever he was after was too big a draw and he came back, blending in with the tall grass…

… and driving some neighborhood dogs crazy.


2 thoughts on “Coyote

  1. SnapperTrx

    We have a small kit fox that runs around the neighborhood. Probably smaller than a coyote, and a lot more cute. My wife is always trying to pet him, but if your familiar with CA law, you don’t go anywhere near kit foxes. Don’t touch. Don’t feed. Don’t look in their general direction.

    I have seen plenty of CA coyotes running across the highway though. They are lighter in color and not nearly as scruffy looking, but they also don’t have to deal with the temperature drop the ones in your neck of the woods have to deal with. Good shots!

    1. matt Post author

      I’ve heard them a lot more than I’ve seen them. This one was a little unnerved at first; but he wasn’t going to be put off at all. The way he watched me, I actually decided to look up coyote confrontation to ensure I actually knew what I thought to do was the right thing to do. Eventually he went about his business, but we’ll be extra cautious through there from now on.


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