Burmese Python — Shiva


Meet Shiva, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s albino Burmese Python. He’s normally curled up in the back of his enclosure, and you don’t get the sense of how amazing he truly is. He’s between 13- and 14-feet long (3.96-4.62m) and weighs around 80lbs (~36.3kg). My daughter has to write a report for school on the Burmese Python, so we spent a lot of time there observing.


Parenthetically, my daughter got to sort of hold Shiva on a trip to the zoo several years ago. She was too small to actually hold him by herself of course; but she didn’t flinch.




I estimate he’s easily 6 inches around and possibly even more. He headed toward the front of his enclosure, and you can see how long he is:




He also seemed to be interested in observing us; he showed some curiosity in what was going on outside his enclosure:



I don’t know what it is about this pose, but it sort of makes me think of Rose… I don’t think I’ll cuddle with him though.



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