Mixed Freight — BNSF 8036


It was brutally cold out, but my daughter wanted to play in the snow. So we were outside in the cold. I only had my phone with me, but of course I couldn’t let the train go by without trying to get pics.

BNSF 8036 and BNSF 8076, a pair of GE ES44C4s, along with a mongrel DASH-9 C44W BNSF 1120 led a short mixed freight train. I’m not arguing these photos are particularly great; but I think the 26mm lens on my phone gives everything a different feel from when I’m out with my usual kit. It also allowed me to get different angles than I usually would. And I almost slid down the short embankment… which would’ve been funny to the kiddo.

I’m not sure why, but I find the wheels on the Autoracks fascinating. It could be because the size of the cars relative to the wheels seem so grossly disproportionate. From a distance, they look like tiny little legs on a giant. Whatever it is…


One thought on “Mixed Freight — BNSF 8036

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