Cheyenne Mountain Zoo — Amur Tiger


Of all the big cats, I think the Amur Tiger — also known as the Siberian Tiger — is one of the most beautiful. I find tigers fascinating as it is, but this big cat is just amazing. I’m not as dedicated as Sooyong Park, but I like to hang out by the tiger enclosure at the zoo.

More often than not, this big tiger is sleeping; tigers are — like most cats — nocturnal. But I think the cold of the day we were there helped him feel a bit more active. He seemed almost restless. Perhaps it was a feeding day; after two starve days, I would imagine he’d be anxious to eat.

I think I’ve been spotted…

I think I saw more big cats grooming this day than I ever had.

Look at the size of that paw! It’s staggering.


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