On the Siding — BNSF 6225


After a frustrating day of bad timing for train photos, I saw this Xcel Energy unit coal train pulling onto the siding. I went to the north side of the siding and waited.

BNSF 6225, a GE ES44AC, was in the lead and crept around the bend. BNSF 9375 is an EMD SD70ACe. The 120 or so empty coal hoppers trailed out around the bend behind the lead engines.

And when it came to a stop, I snagged a couple of photos of these amazing machines.


2 thoughts on “On the Siding — BNSF 6225

    1. matt Post author

      Thanks for commenting!

      I’m not 100% certain what the European unit for horsepower is, but EMD SD70ACe rates 4300 hp (3206.51 kw) and the GE ES44AC rates 4400 hp (3281.07 kw). I get it though, those are just numbers; what do they mean? Here’s a different perspective:

      Unit coal trains through here run between 100-120 coal hoppers; Xcel energy — from my observations — usually runs at the high end of that. Each hopper carries around 230,000 lbs (104,326.25 kg) of coal; the hopper plus load maxes out at 280,000 lbs (127, 005.863 kg). That comes out to around 27,600,000 lbs (12,519,149.42 kg) of coal and 33,600,000 lbs (15,240,703.63 kg) total. The locomotives themselves weigh in the neighborhood of 435,000 lbs (197,312.68 kg) and BNSF usually runs 4 of them on their unit coal trains.


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