This whitewashing thing is out of hand… Why aren’t the libs all up in arms over this?


5 thoughts on “Whitewashing

    1. Ed D

      Do you understand that you didn’t even answer the question? I’m going to assume you use one of these car washes because the waste doesn’t bother you. If you truly cared about your cause, you wouldn’t mount an arms attack on the people who use arms to keep you safe. You would use a car wash that recycles a large portion of their water, and agree that the waste is outrageous. I am a republican and I use my arms keep you safe at night while you sleep. I also try to use a car wash that recycles its water when I can.

      1. Alexis Chateau

        Lol. I posted a comment, not an entry for CNN or an encyclopedia.

        I’ve had a lot of friends face Republicans pointing guns at them for being Black in the wrong place at the wrong time, so not sure that you guys with gun makes me feel safe in America.

        Thanks though!

        1. matt Post author

          The phrase “up in arms” wasn’t meant to indicate that libs actually have arms, anyway. Libs get up in arms and whine and make signs and litter the streets and riot and are generally destructive when they don’t like Freedom. The whitewashing incident I specifically had in mind when I thought of this at the car wash was the uproar over Scarlett Johansson’s being in the Ghost in the Shell. It’s not something I follow or care about; it only happened to cross my transom and I simply cataloged it as another ’cause’ some vocal minority cares about that ultimately means nothing in the long run. So I’m basically poking fun at those people.

          As you said, not an authoritative source. 🙂

          1. Alexis Chateau

            As an unbiased party, I don’t agree with the picture painted of libs. Oregon attack is a pretty good example of how Republicans get about their liberties too.

            But I can agree on the poking fun and not being an authoritative source.

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