Union Pacific 8770


A lone EMD SD70ACe leads a train of empty flat cars north through Larkspur and under the oblivious interstate traffic.

Something interesting has happened over the time I’ve been taking pictures. I used to love seeing Union Pacific’s yellow engines; they were a rare treat in an area with so much BNSF traffic. Now I wasn’t one of those people who refused to acknowledge one or the other: the paint job doesn’t diminish the coolness of the vehicle.

But since BNSF actually interacts with its fans and seems to appreciate that people like me love sharing their BNSF photos… well, they’ve easily become my favorite of the two. And it’s fortunate, since there’s so much more BSNF traffic (and the DPU on this train was an old BNSF ES44DC, I think… I only saw it from a distance).


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